Monday, February 9, 2009

You are going to die! Part V

I got really scared today. Were out walking and fell, almost hitting a big rock with my head. I emidiatly thought about my mortality and I think I even did see a sign among the clouds. Was it not Jesus face formed up there? It was slippery beneath the snow and it might just because of the new Ice age that is coming… or was it the other way around? It all depends on the decade and what “scientists” is popular at the moment. But then one thought hit me like a sledgehammer. My spine crackled up and a sudden shill went through my body; it might be a trap! The government has it in for me, I know it, but it could also be aliens, just having fun making me slip and fell down. Or is it some relative that is after the 78 dollars I have in my bank? I looked around, expecting to find a drug addict, an alien with one of those anal probes or a government assassin. No one was there, not even a polar bear. Relieved I went on walking, thinking I might go to church and repent or start buying up cans before the year 2012 happens. One never knows when your time is up and that hooded black man pops up and points a finger at you.

And just so you know, today I’m going to eat some fatty food, drink a couple of beers, back mouth the government, talk in my cell phone and sit by the computer screen looking for those funny disasters. All the time being an atheist and doing snuff.

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