Sunday, February 8, 2009

Let’s kill all polar bears!

99,9% of all species that ever lived on this planet is dead, extinct, passé, gone in to the light, been turned into dust. It might sound great to “save the whales” or to save those cuddly carnivores’ polar bears that will rip you to pieces if you come near one, but it’s just man’s idiotic way of playing God. Let ants, seagulls, palm trees or polar bears die out or live for themselves, whatever. Why do people care? And if we are going to do something, let’s kill some of them for ourselves. Polar bears kills those cute little seals, let’s save the seals and shot some polar bears! Polar bears are also responsible for killing humans, mass murdering sons of b***. And they are, let’s face it, pretty ugly. I mean, despite being kind of bear cuddly, their long noses and floppy swaging walk style is just horrible to watch. And they kill cute baby seals! I’m having a big trouble understanding why people care about one species or the other. As mentioned, 99,9% of all animals that ever lived on this planet is gone, and they are still going. Every year, month and (horrifying for some) week more animals dies out! Nothing strange about it. Ever heard of Darwin? I say kill those Polar Bears, let’s not wait for them to drop dead by themselves or by Mother Nature’s hand, let’s do it ourselves. For God’s sake, they kill baby seals!

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