Sunday, February 8, 2009

The lack of fascist control

Governments all over the world are on their toes. Internet does that to them. In just a couple of decades the power of the government has been reduced and can now be broken by hackers and kids. Secrets can be read, agencies can be outed and politician’s dirty little lives can be put on display. Huge corporations and large unions are losing power when information can be shared freely and without the control they are used to having. People from all over the world can chat, play and meat without using passports and without any kind of regard to boarders or government policies. This lack of control is scary for politicians, very scary. People can get information faster and act on them much faster than governments. This must be stopped! People need to be monitored, surveillance and controlled. Without the fascists calling the shots, individuals might start thinking for themselves. This is the reason for the imposing fascist laws popping up everywhere, to control the people. Everything else is just a smokescreen. Information cannot be free and available to anyone to read, it must be prohibited and monitored. People cannot be talking freely or exchanging information without agencies and bureaucrats watching them.

In Sweden Piratebay is being trialed as one way of bringing order back ( The government are spitting in the face of an entire generation, probably not even understanding what they are doing, but fascism must be saved. They will either make martyrs of Piratebay if they get convicted or they will say information should be shared if they will be freed in court. This must be a terrible situation for the government. In either case more laws will come, more control will be tried and the increasing fascism will keep imposing on our lives, costing billions of dollars. And I wonder who is paying for all these laws and surveillance, yeah, that’s right, we the watched are the ones. Isn’t great to get your money collected by the government so they can spy and control us? I just love this world. Funny things everywhere.

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