Sunday, February 8, 2009

The immoral Democracy

Did you know that no matter what country you live in, it’s ruled by the minority? Do you know that most decisions are made in committees and by bureaucrats, not by elected officials? If you do not know this, you are an idiot. As I have said before, most people are idiots, so it’s no revelation that most people actually believe democracy mean that the people govern and that the majority is in charge.

Let’s look at Sweden as an example of how minority rules the majority. In Sweden there are about 9,1 million people. Out of these about 6,4 million have the right to vote. Out of this somewhere around 80-85% votes in the general elections. The “winners” normally have around 50-55% of the votes behind them. If you have any kind of math knowledge, you now know that about 25% of the Swedish people voted for the government that exists today, and every government before them. In other words, a small minority have decided how the large majority should be governed.

If you think this is a surprise, you should know that the politicians we elect needs to make deals, cheat, back mouth and fight their way to the top before the minority can elect them. This means that pretty much all of the politicians we know about are where they are because they had to scrap their ideology and ideas, if they ever had those. If you are going to get power and rule others, you cannot be nice about it and you must always be able to sell out your own ideas to gain momentum.

But the worse thing is not that the minority rules and we elect cheating sellouts, it’s the fact that most decisions are not made by the ones we elect. Instead there are committees, councils and administrators inside the parties and the government that creates policies and draw the outlines for new laws and so on. There are no real numbers or percent how much of the decisions that are made by not elected cronies, but you can be sure it’s a high number.

I’m not saying that democracy is the same as National Socialism or communism, it’s not, but one needs to be aware of the voting process. And if others are going to steal most of your income and tell you what to do from the cradle to the grave, you should know things really work. Democracy is immoral and a horrible way of governing and if you are aware of this and know how things work, you might become less of an idiot and actually start thinking for yourself.

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