Monday, February 9, 2009

Bishop denies Holocaust

Richard Williamson, a bishop in La Reja, Argentina, is reported to have stated that he does not believe that the Nazis used gas chambers. The Vatican is of course a bit upset and some Jewish organizations are kind of upset to. Me, I find this kind of funny. Neo Nazis have always rebuffed the holocaust, communists does not want to hear about the Gulag death camps or Pol Pots extermination campaigns and the church (any of them, no matter the religion) do not want to talk about the hundreds of millions of people that have died in the name of God/Allah (or whatever). No matter what the atrocity, there is always someone claiming it did not happen.

But the Catholics do not really need this. People thinking for themselves and some priests doing altar boys is bad enough, now they need to cope with one of their salespersons claiming a well documented and proven fact, never happen. But the Christians have faced worse scandals and their marketing department will probably find some new saint or miracle somewhere to overcloud this issue. Or maybe they will use some of that money the poor have given them to promote some doomsdays movie about 2012 to scare people back to Jesus? Oh, wait… Hollywood is doing that for them…

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