Monday, February 9, 2009

Scary movie part I and part II

Is it just me or is the political opposition in Sweden just doing a bad remake of what the ruling parties did some years ago? I mean, look at the picture in todays and read what they are saying. It’s almost identical. Phrases like: “It’s much more that unite us then separate us”; “In good time before the next election, we will present our platform” are being put forward like the platitudes they are. And of course there is a good mood and they like being together. Pffff…

It’s like a bad sequel to a horror movie. In fact, it’s exactly like that. In the first horror movie, “The country that God Left”, three men and a woman come together out in the countryside to make agreements and make a political platform. They plot and they rub their hands together and they make schemes how to steal our money, how to best rule our lives and how to best tell us this is okay. They win the election and with a: Mwahahahaha, they go to work. Literary killing people with anti drugs policies and throwing money at banks and businesses that should go bankrupt. They also impose new laws to better monitor us citizen so we do not think, say or do stuff these power-hungry politicians do not like. But people are not really happy. They are getting robbed of their income and being taxed straight to hell, but they are still not happy! They need to suffer more! And consequently, in steps the real socialists. The original inhumane authoritarians that what’s nothing from the people other than total obedience and submission and we have “The country that God Left” part II – the revenge. In this movie we have two men and two women, doing the same thing as in the original movie, only this time with a vengeance! They will reinstate the lvl of the taxes as it was before the small little tax cuts that was a big part of the first movie - at least a big part according to the left wing media. But it will not stop there, they will also increase the government’s power and with both communists and tree hugging idiots in the mix, no one knows where it will end.

It’s sad to see how this horrendous group (all politicians are from the same pile of crap) can get away with this shit. How they fool people in believing that the government can get them jobs and better living conditions, just by letting them (politicians) steal the people’s money. It is a complete mystery how so many idiots can be electing and reelecting other people to rule over them. Politicians only costs money and all the things they do, you are paying for. If they get you welfare, you are paying for it. If they “give” you a job, you are paying for it. All the time the government officials are sitting around dictating your life and monitoring your emails.

People are idiots.

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