Monday, February 9, 2009

Climate change causes longer fingernails!

This is getting really ridiculous. Everything can be blamed on the greenhouse effect and mans”rape” on the environment. If there is a hurricane, its humans fault. Snowstorm? Draught? Warmer than usual? Colder than usual? Floods? Heavy rainfall? It’s all our fault! If there is weather somewhere, we can be blamed for it. I’m just waiting for someone to claim that manmade greenhouse effect is why there are poor people, wars and AIDS. Or why not say that the financial crisis or every other murder can be solved by: not driving cars! Yeah, if we just close down a couple of factories, there will be no more heart attacks!

Well, I do believe people are unbelievable stupid, but not this stupid. Or are they?

I read the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet this morning when I woke up. Of course they are writing about the fires in Australia and of course the fires can be blamed on manmade greenhouse effect. In credit to the journalist writing that crap, he happens to mention that: “forest fires are a natural part of Australians eco system”, but that’s just in passing, then it’s hell on earth, fires, brimstone, death and its all manmade! Did someone start the fire on purpose? Who cares! It’s the greenhouse effect that matters! Has there been drought I Australia before? Pfff… Ignore that, instead; blame man!

When I watched some “scientist” last night explaining to a very worried journalist that the these fires was because of the greenhouse effect, I laugh so hard I thought I was getting a aneurism. The mentioned article and other stuff today, mostly makes me shake my head. It’s just so dumb, so idiotic that one can hardly believe it.


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