Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heil socialism!

People want to be cuddle with, they want welfare, they want to be able to do nothing and get wealthy for it. This is really nothing strange because people are generally speaking a lazy bunch. We all want to work as little as possible with the highest possible revenue coming our way. This form of opportunism is main reason why governments can keep spending money they do not have or have stolen from the same people they claim to be helping. We do not want to know about cutting on welfare or suddenly getting to pay for our doctors, it should be “free of charge”. And we certainly do not want to know about having to work harder to get more money, getting us more money is the government’s problem. So our government (any of them) that always want to be reelected and have people voting for them, cannot cut down on welfare or tell us the truth about things, because then we might realize that politicians are unnecessary or worse; we might vote for someone else!

So when a crisis hits the financial markets, like it has today, we do not want to know that; overspending money that does not exist on projects that are pointless, is the main cause of the crisis. We do not want to know if the government takes action against this by cutting back on our buffet of delicious “free” stuff. Instead we want to know what the politicians are doing to stimulate the market. How they are going to save our comfortable lifestyle and that all actions they take does not, ever, make us pay for stuff on our own.

The saddest part of a country getting rich is that the citizens forget what made them rich in the first place. The richer a country gets, the less people want to work. The more inventions that cuts down on our workload, the less we want to get our hands dirty. And suddenly things like inequality, in regard to income; the number of cars in the garage or status in the society becomes apparent. This of course needs to be rectified and consequently we need higher taxes to erase the differences and “help the poor”. This is the second reason why the government never stops spending our money on ourselves.

The third reason is that the politically correct and journalists (that always seem to be far left for some reason) always scream the highest and indoctrinate people to think of nothing else but getting more from the government. Eagerly applauded by hundreds upon hundreds of organizations all over that wants to “save the whales”; “Help the elderly”; “Save the third world” or some other brainless scheme to get government (our) money. Every one of these organizations, journalists or “thinkers” blaming some mystical force for not letting them have a piece of the governments cake. It can be Jews, Muslims or a bunch of rich men in top hats with money bags, but there is always a scapegoat. Often they blame the market or the “libertarian world we live in”. The market (and libertarians) who do not want to give away money or fuel the jealousy that rules peoples decisions, are a prime target. Who can be worse than the ones not wanting to give politicians more money? Who can be more evil than the ones who rely on hard work and making money instead of just sharing and being lazy? If someone says we need to put some effort into something, it’s the devil!

So people keep demonstrating to keep or enhance their socialist ways and governments that does not listen will be marked as “horrible demons” by historians (who of course is mainly socialists) and will probably not get elected again.

This stupidity caused the downfall of the Roman Empire and will cause the downfall of our societies. I’m just hoping when the killing and mayhem starts, I’m living on an Island somewhere, looking at the TV laughing my brains out at people running around confused and not knowing what happened to them. People are morons and even if that fact is tragic, it’s also unbelievable funny. Go socialism! I’m routing for you!

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  1. Hej dar

    Ar svensk och bor i Glasgow ocksa, pluggar Business & management, och har samma relation till socialism och Sverige som du har. Spooky!

    Daremot sa tycker jag inte om Glasgow sa jakla mycket heller. Glasgow ar en perfekt stad att bo i om man vill bli bitter. Manniskor ar otroligt ointresserade av allt, kollektivtrafiken ar fruktansvard och Glaswegians ar korkade.

    skriv garna till mig pa min mejl om du vill: Lamnar inte ut den till vem som helst. ;)