Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You are going to die! - Part VI

There some facts of life that we normally do not think about, or rather choice to ignore. If you are standing in a room full of people, statistically speaking, several of them have been (or will be) robbed, raped, mutilated or even murdered. There will also be those who inflict deceases or pain on others in the same room. Rapists and murderers walking among their victims. Among them there will be those having or going to have cancer, AIDS or malaria. Some of them will die young, some in terrible accidents and some will die from old age, but all of them will die. So when you are walking among other humans, all you really see is dying, hurting and soon to be forgotten people that never think about their own mortality.

Another fun fact is that all of us will experience the loss of a loved one; a relative dying from some decease; a wife passing away from a tumor; a child dying while crossing the street or maybe some, or several, of your loved ones will die in wars or by starvation. And those being alive aren’t doing much better, being taxed, controlled and monitored by the government, their neighbors always looking on jealous of something. Not being able to afford a vacation or not having money to pay the bills. Families breaking up, children being molested and that uncle that is an alcoholic will always make family holidays a joyful occasion. A son getting into drugs, a twelve year old daughter getting pregnant. Wife’s getting beat up, cheating husbands and that oh so fun unemployment that seems to go around. The misery that surrounds our lives is constant reminding us about pain and suffering. And if we start to think about how tiny and insignificant we really are in the vastness of space and how short our lives really are, we might go crazy.

But all of this is why I think it’s so funny to see people that take themselves too seriously, going about saving the world and helping the poor, getting hurt or killed. I mean, just think about it. Think about a person that always want to do the right thing, always helping others, always crying over dolphins getting killed and always using environment friendly soap, And imagine that this person is living on the hillside of a volcano. Sitting in the living room, not thinking about anything but increasing welfare programs to the poor and watching TV were some reporter blames rainfalls on global warming. Suddenly there is hot lava pouring in through the window and big stones flying around smashing the house he/she have build with their own hands and by only using already dead trees. Their organ donor papers burning at the same time as their inners are getting burned. Their perfectly toned bodies (from hours at the gym) going crackle and pop, all the time their hand is grasping a meditative stone from Guru Sadigorou - who claims that suffering is good for the soul. And when the house burns down some news reporter outside reports that no one could predict the volcano eruption and is telling the listeners that the government isn’t sending rescue workers fast enough to the area.

If you do not think this scenario is hilarious I feel sad for you.

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