Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EU does us proud!

Just when I was really bored I happened to read Henrik Alexanderssons blog were he writes about the European Union’s new little pet project. It seems that people are not informed about their civil rights and do not make use of them the best they can. So in steps the European Union! They are going to teach us about equality at the workplace, poverty and other amusing things we cannot read about or Google for ourselves. And this coaching job is, apparently, going to be made by a circus. I’m not sure if it’s an actual circus, but it’s not the clowns at the European parliament or any of the life joggling bureaucrats that rules our lives. During 2009 these traveling freaks will visit several cities around Europe handling different topics and making them easily accessible to senior citizen and youngsters.

Now this is entertainment! I cannot remember when I laughed this hard. It’s extraordinarily ridiculous and absolutely tragicomically. You have never seen your tax money put to this good use before.

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