Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Killer Koalas need to be exterminated!

Argh… the sneaky and immoral Koala Bears have done it again. Strutting their cuteness around so people do not expect their evil plans. A Koala was “rescued” from the fires in Australia (thankfully lots of its kindred have died horrifying deaths in the flames). I suspect that this “rescue” only is a cover for its real purpose. What purpose this might be, I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s apparent that this cuddly little thing that now goes by the name “Sam” does not have a single honest bone in her body. The first thing this little harlot does after being rescued is to fall in the arms of another “rescued” Koala. This one goes by the name of “Bob”. Pictures are taken of this horrendous couple, seemingly huddled together, flaunting their cuteness and being so adorable that even evil people like Mother Teresa would get a heartbeat, if she wasn’t dead that is, thank God. But you just know that there is something else going on here, something beneath the surface. I believe that either they are spreading some disease around or they are doing the ground work for whatever scheme they are plotting. Getting human names and “giving hope” to a fire struck society is just the first step. This might just be their way of making themselves more believable when they suddenly will start to speak and announce how they are taking over the world. Probably with the help of those retched Cow scum’s that have infiltrated pretty much every country in the world. The speech will probably contain things like “No more poor people”; “We will work together” and the grand final; “Let’s come together and work towards a coming goal”. All the while they are putting up death camps on the moon and secretly promoting different Illuminati alumni, which have been preparing this take over for millennia, as their human puppets.

It’s time to strike back people. Nature (or global warming if you are an idiot) has given us an opportunity to get rid of these warmongering bastards once and for all. Let them burn! If necessary we cannot stop because some people might get hurt, toast them now! To all Australians out there, kick their tiny little cute Koala bums into the flames and save humanity!

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