Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Idiotic spending on idiotic people

Obama bin laden seem to get his wish about spending people’s money in order to “create more jobs”. Not as much useless spending as he was hoping for, but still a huge significant amount. Quated saying: “The time for action is now” one really hope there is a hell and that this socialist ends up there. What the American economy needs is to start saving money, invest money and keep the money among the general public. The crisis started and got fueled by citizens, banks and the government spending money that do not really exist. Government controlled banks lend out money to very low rates (thanks to tax money) and of course people are then going to spend it on houses they cannot afford. Now the new president is going to throw gasoline on the fire and spend borrowed and taxed money, money the general public is paying for, on the general public! Each “new job” costing roughly around 300 000 dollars. How about that? Three hundred thousand dollars for each job the government “creates” and the ones paying for it is the ones that are supposed to be helped. And with the debt from this enormous spending spree being put on future generations and only worsening the crisis with even more fictive money, this is one of the worst moves in American history. Instead they should let the crisis hit them hard; they have deserved it, let everything cool down and then go back to basics, to make money by hard work. But people in general are particular stupid when it comes to money and government spending. The populace actually believes that government can create jobs and help them, with their own money. This net trick is done by magic. The Santa clause government tells people that they are going to get this and that, never telling them who’s paying for it. Idiots.

The crisis might be diverted in time, the left probably claiming victory for stopping something they created and fueled, but most likely we have yet to seen the worst of this. Thankfully more people, banks and businesses will go down and hopefully this will make every nation turn to a hysterical man with hysterical answers to a hysterical people, just as before in our bloody history. And then the real fun and mayhem will start. There are too few wars going on in the world and we need a couple of dictators strutting their stuff. Socialism is great that way, no matter which way you turn, you are heading towards the abyss. Me, I’m going to do my part and vote for the communists. A person in this world doesn’t deserve anything less than death camps and extermination policies.

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