Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A two-year-old has the same IQ as me?

I’ve always done well on those IQ tests. Not really reaching over the limit to become member of Mensa, but not far off either. The last time I took an official IQ test, which was many years ago, I scored 136. Coincidently this is the same as Beatrix Townsend, 2y old from London…

With some preparations and training (yes, you can study to get a better score) I could probably get over the threshold to be a member of Mensa, but I’ve never understood the point. Besides I regard IQ tests to be as informative and as good a measure as Hitler was tall, blond and blue eyed.

Far more important is what you do with the intellect you have, no matter what the level. And people, who according to those IQ test are pretty ‘dumb’, can do marvelous things. I hardly see how a car mechanic would score high, but if your car breaks down, who would you rather have on the job, the mechanic or a 3 times Phd and member of Mensa? Could be the same person, but not very likely.

You don’t need a high IQ to paint a fantastic painting that can bring joy to thousands of people. You don’t need to score 136 or higher to throw a ball into a basket. And as we all know you can have the intellect of a post and the righteousness of an Ebola virus and still become Justice Minister in Sweden.

It never stops to amaze me how newspapers revel in these kinds of stories but still argue for mediocrity. Every day we can read headlines how socialist style ‘equality’ is the best there is, but somehow high IQ draws their attention. Why?

I get fascinated myself when some very young kid scores those kinds of marks, and what would we do without the Stephen Hawking’s of this world? But I don’t get it why lefties are so fascinated.

Is it because such high-scoring types are the ones that always bail out defaulting countries and bring in some sense after the socialist experiments have failed? Or are they only put on hit-lists for future extermination? Pol-Pot thought that intellectuals i.e. those with glasses was his enemies hence killed them all, so that hit-list scenario isn’t as farfetched as one might think.

Beatrix Townsend and The youngest ever member of Mensa in the UK, Elise Tan-Roberts should be kind of glad they don’t live in Sweden. If our current Justice Minister got her way she would test them for drugs. How else did they get so smart? And aren’t they a bit shifty or too inquisitive? Need that blood and urine from such kids. And since Miss Townsend seemingly can operate a computer as well as any teen, she’s probably liable for sharing ones and zeroes hence jailable.

Just imagine a very smart 2y old operating a computer that has been used to download the latest Winnie the Poe movie and that girl happen to stumble upon an escort service site. She would then be outed as a sex buyer to her entire neighborhood, get drug tested against her and her parents will, and get a huge fine for sharing information online.

That’s Sweden 2010.

Not that UK is much better, I’m just saying…

I know this last scenario isn’t very likely to happen, not even if Bea of Sweden got her way, but it isn’t very far off either, and that should scare you.

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  1. IQ is age adjusted.
    So that two year old is just a two year old with a talent for language and logic.