Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No, she cannot stay

I’ve seen several bloggers and a couple of news reporters saying that the Swedish Justice Minister can stay at her post if she only retracted her statements, show a bit of shame and remorse. (Uppdate: And now she has...)

I don’t agree. She’s toast and cannot stay on her post after this, and no proclamation of repent can change that.

Throughout the years ministers have been forced out of office for not paying their TV license, having black labor force at home, and using state credit cards to pay for porno club visits. Nothing of that comes even close to this debacle.

We need to go back as far as, well… to the last Justice Minister that allowed CIA to kidnap people in Sweden and fly them to Egypt for some funny torture, to find something of similar magnitude. And even that event wasn’t pretended to be right or in accordance to the law, they tried to muzzle it away, in this case, today, we have a Justice Minister that openly and defiantly is against laws, against declarations and spits on the very fundament of western justice practice.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Swedish politician, no matter what color or ideology they belong to (communists, racists, whatever) saying that individuals who are suspected of a crime are guilty before they’ve been proven innocent. Sure some laws and action taken by authorities may have such consequences, but no-one has ever said it, and I honestly don’t think such consequences are meant to be, they come with good intentions.

The road towards hell may be paved with good intentions, but the one driving the car and pushing the pedal down to the floor while going Mwa ha-ha ha-ha has never emerged on the scene. Before now that is.

How can we say we live in a democratic society and have an impartial justice system when the head cheese herself say that a SUSPECT should be hanged out as a (guilty) pervert to his family, friends and neighbors? She has still not understood what she actually said, as far as the retraction reads. How can we ever put our trust in the fairness of the law when authorities regard us sinful and culpable before a trial-date has been set?

Do we even have a democracy anymore if we let our ministers, a justice minister in particular; openly declare that they are against everything our entire legal system is based upon?

We cannot have a Justice Minister that think in this way, say it without hesitation and seemingly still stick by it despite her recent public letter.

Maybe, in light of the imposed control-grid and how they want to bleed and forcibly restraint kids, a shift has taken place. Have we gone so far that the innocent are automatically guilty?

It would seem so since the old media is still very reluctant to bring this up and how the opposition isn’t saying much. The leftie parties should of course go out and demand a resignation, it is an open and shut case, but they don’t. And where are the lawyers, the judges and the students? Shouldn’t they take the forefront and demand that the fundament of law and justice is upheld?

Somehow the lack of reactions is even scarier than an openly autocratic Justice Minister.


  1. What's the bet she stays? They don't give a toss about what we think.

  2. No, she's going to stay, I knew that from the start, too involved, know all the skeletons and very much liked generally speaking.

    I just thought it prudent to put myself in the crosshair a bit more. I'm starting to be too liked...