Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of course she should resign

The Swedish Prime Minister was out defending his soul-sucking Justice Minister today. Apparently her statement the other day was a mistake, just a small little wrong, could have happened to anyone…


It was a seminar, she had prepared, read up on the issue and she had a lot of time to think on what to say and don’t say. This wasn’t a drunken ramble or a toad-licking experience, she planned this carefully and she knew full well what she said and didn’t say.

And afterwards, when asked about it, the only two things she said was that she regretted the purple color on the envelops she wants to send out about innocent people and deem them as perverts for all eternity, and that it would be a good thing if the daughter of a SUSPECTED sex offender got to know what kind of father she has...

This isn’t a fluke, she had several days before the seminar to plan and when this debacle came out she had several days to retract it, or say she had the sun in her eye or something, but she didn’t.

She’s lost it, big time.

And the normally very savvy Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the arch-politician that he is should know that going out trying to sweep this away will not and cannot work. He, as several bloggers from the same party, are trying to make this into a cat-fight since the Social Democrat shadow Minister has demanded that she resign.

They are trying to turn this around saying that Social democrats are worse, but that is a game the lefties know like experts. Socialists invented the blame game. Highly stupid playing a game you’re going to lose before it even starts.

And I can hardly see how blaming the opposition will save a Justice Minister totally out of her mind. Especially since the lefties actually are correct in their demand, and they hardly stand alone. With the exception for some ass-licking people in the same party and a very, suspiciously, quiet media it seems that most are in unison – she has to go.

It doesn’t matter if she has single-handedly cured cancer, can leap tall buildings and is in all other aspects the best person in the history of mankind.


It goes against Swedish law, against the European rights declaration and common sense. She apparently think in this way, as evidence shows - so she cannot stay. It is an affront to the entire Justice system each day she stays on her post.

She must resign - no retraction now much later and no cloak of invisibility thrown over her by the Prime Minister can change this.

But frankly, although this issue proves that the Justice Minister doesn’t believe in western justice philosophy and probably should be tested for drugs herself, I actually think that the torture-of-adolescents policy is worse.

That she wants to expose innocent and SUSPECTED individuals is horrific, but as far as I know, she was talking about adult people; although their lives would be ruined and some innocent people probably would commit suicide, they could at least fight back, sue the government, get torches and burn down the parliament or some such.

Drug testing of a minor however targets the weak, those that cannot fight back.

How can a 11y old petite girl say no to a couple of police officers forcing her to pee in a coup?

What will a 14y old boy think when he’s in restraint getting tapped for blood and has a gloved hand shoved up his ass?

And we all know that many, if not a majority of adolescents SUSPECTED for taking drugs, will be innocent.

What kind of message is that sending? What kind of future citizens will that create? And why the hell aren’t you parents out there finding a grassy knoll?

As I’ve said before, I am glad I don’t have any children because if someone, no matter who did something like this to my child I would kill him/her/them. And No, I am not kidding, and if you’re a parent and don’t feel the same I can say with absolute certainty that you DO-NOT-LOVE-YOUR-CHILD.

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