Tuesday, March 23, 2010

8 kids dead

At least eight children were slain by a man brandishing a knife outside an elementary school in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian. The suspect, who apparently hates kids more than the Swedish government, was identified as Zheng Mingsheng, a 41-year-old unemployed doctor who was said to be depressed over personal and professional failings.

The rampage began at 7.20 a.m. as the children were waiting to go to school. According to unconfirmed reports by bloggers, the suspect was stopped by a gym teacher, a jogger and a security guard, one of whom knocked the knife out of his hand with a mop.

No-one could kill the bastard before he killed that many kids? Nope, China has strict gun-laws. I wonder if any of them, or perhaps all, could have been saved if people were carrying guns...

The victims were reported to be mostly first-graders, and at least five other children were injured.

Maybe the survivors can take some comfort in the fact that they at least don’t have Swedish Justice Minister’s laws in place? That would probably lead to accusation towards the kids of doing drugs later when they display weird behavior and so would make the police to prod the kid’s cavities and force them to leave blood to test them.

However, this is the sort of events when you like having a totalitarian regime at the helm because the Chinese authorities will deal with him quickly. He'll be executed within months, if not weeks. Although that seem to be a too easy way to go.

Someone asked me today why I didn’t like criminals to be outed; this in reference to the debacle in Sweden with a Minister that wants SUSPECTS to be revealed to their neighborhood as perverts long before any trial even has begun. And the same person implied I was being lenient towards hardened criminals and I was also a socialist…

Well, I am not, not either of those claims. A real criminal i.e. someone that has attacked, robbed, raped or in any other way forced or threatened another human shouldn’t be cuddled with. I am all for harsher punishment and some should be locked up forever. Even though I do oppose the death penalty I will not in any way cry over this Chinese murderer. In fact, I hope they take time in killing the idiot.

But there’s a difference between a real criminal with victims and a SUSPECT in a sex offence with no victim. Buying and selling sex should of course be completely legal, but even if it isn’t legal we cannot judge a person before he/she has been found guilty. And to have a Justice Minister that thinks in those terms should be relinquished from her post.

This shouldn’t even be a question for debate. Sweden’s Justice Minister should resign or get sacked. Period.

Yeah, maybe it is bad taste mixing a Minister’s fascist ideas with a murderer of kids in China, but the point has to be clear. As long as there are people out there that don’t get the most basic fundamental of a modern and democratic Justice System, this is necessary.

And the comparison with traumatic kids getting forced into investigations isn’t farfetched, that is something that will soon be a reality in Sweden. If you love your kids, get this into your head and start with the egg-throwing now.

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