Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swedish students are having fun

A Swedish student?

Umeå University in northern Sweden has a student union that is now fighting accusations of sexism after a raucous dinner party organized by business students last weekend.

Girls posing in their underwear, a student licking chocolate sauce from a a girl's body and pole dancing were just some of the vivid images that have emerged from a dinner party organized for male students.

Well, I’ve seen worse things in my student days and the only thing I haft to say about it is that I hope that the females organize something similar with male strippers etc. That is actually how it usually goes, something media refuse to write about. ‘Quid pro quo’ - usually one part of the union or a certain collection of students hire or bring in girls/boys from another and then they switch.

However, I hope Sweden’s Justice Mentalist isn’t reading about this. Lots of letters to be sent out, lots of suspects to be outed by name, age, address and phone number in this mess. And maybe there were drugs involved? She needs to send in the cops to do proper anal cavity searches and after that she can lock them all up. Oh, and she don’t have a degree herself, need to punish those smarter than her. Can get messy(ier).


  1. Actually they did...

  2. Who did ha' against who when and where?

  3. There was a similar party for female students (with male entertainment) last semester (November). This is really not that unusual, with a dual party one male and one female.

    My student union (HHSS/SASSE for the Swedes out there) usually had them bit closer in time however. We never used chocolate though, at least as far as I can remember.

  4. Yeah, I thought that was clearly pointed out by me. As a former student union leader I know that that's how things work.

    Journalists are funny...