Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why a ‘terrorist’ attack is imminent

I want you to think about something.

There are some 300 000 Americans of Pakistani origins living in the US alone. And imagine how many millions of Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis etc that are living all over the western world. Add in refugees and immigrants and all those who appall the wars going on in Muslim countries, throw in some economic disasters (more lurking behind the corner) and sprinkle over resentments, unemployment and how the elitist enemy class keep screwing average citizens on a daily basis.

And when you have done this in your mind, watch this video and tell me what the future has installed for us…

… and can you really, really blame them for planning soon to be executed terrorist actions?

9/11 was horrible, and maybe the US had the right to strike back, but if so; at what cost? How many millions of Muslims is okay to kill before that attack is revenged? How many trillions of dollars is enough? How many more countries invaded? How many more civil liberties should we give up?

The terrorists are winning the war, and they really don’t haft to do a damn thing - the US war machine is doing it for them. And many other countries are guilty for aiding and abiding.

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  1. if US of A had wanted to win -the annihilation of the talibans- they would've done so by the two first months. disregarding humans and structures alike ofc, but in the end spared so very much