Saturday, February 6, 2010

Decomposing corpses

Apparently Sweden is the country that saves the dead the longest before putting them down with friendly nibbling worms and insects. One of many reasons for this delay is that Medical personnel wait too long with sending in the necessary required document to the tax agency. You see in Sweden the most important thing is to let the government know you’re really dead so there are no discrepancies in regards to taxation.

So for this and a couple of other reasons laying the cadaver to rest takes up to several weeks longer in Sweden than in most other countries.

Not that I myself really care, a dead carcass isn’t really going anywhere and people who let their remains lay about pretty much intact are stupid anyways. Incineration is the only way to go.

I would love to have a proper Viking burial myself, but that is of course illegal - some other government bureau has decided this. And since yet another government entity is in charge of where we can be buried, how, and during what religious superstitious rite, and yet another government entity makes you pay tax for funeral arrangement… well… let’s just say that when that day comes, I’ll be glad to be gone…


  1. I just had a splendid idea! Let's all fake our deaths, and maybe the government will stop taxing us! WOHO! Death revolutionaries 2010!!

  2. Yea, we need a doctor to fake the documents and then we can form “Free Sweden” out in the wilderness somewhere armed to the teeth.