Saturday, February 6, 2010

I don’t like Sarah Palin

I don’t like Sarah Palin. Too religious, too flaky in a stupid way and in she is a part of the elitist establishment that the Tea Party is against, or should be against.

So I don’t get it why she spoke at the Tea Party convent, she shouldn’t have been there; she’s rather a part of the problem than any kind of solution of it.

Watch her speach here:

This is one of the main problems facing this grassroots movement looking to shake up Washington; they are to a certain extent missing the point. They are still one of the best things that ever happened to America and you gotto salute 2 million strong demonstrators even though mainstream media hardly even mentioned the biggest protest rally that ever hit the streets of the capital. But they do have a problem.

The problem is that many of them still think this can be resolved through electing the right kind of ‘conservatives’ or scream high enough and things will change. This is totally wrong. No Sarah, no Ronald or Paul can save America as it looks now; the country needs a second revolution, a real one, not a handing-out-pamphlets-and-rally-revolution, but a real one. Not necessarily an armed revolution, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to that.

1913 with the Federal Reserve act really started the whole mess, but during the latest decades things have escalated and today I would regard my birth nation, Sweden, as a more free minded and less fascist country, and that says something.

America isn’t the home of the free and brave, haven’t been for many years. America is the home of the serfs, the controlled, the overtaxed, home of the anti-Muslim war machine and home of the religious nut-jobs. The US of A is the place where the biggest bank robbery in history has just taken place and what do people do? They vote for the same puppet masters that orchestrated the whole thing.

The two party system is a scam and the president and congress all work for and sleep with big business and the banking cartel. What once was the bread-basket and most producing country in the world is now reduced to fatty consumerism and lazy borrowing to pay for it.

I am generalizing of course, such a diverse country with 300+ million people cannot be reduced to a couple of sentences, but I’m angry. America was the hope, the place of refuge, a shining beacon of light in a dark socialist world. Now special interests, socially aware conservatives (fascists) and Democrats (Marxists) have turned this country into a GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare, an Orwellian society closing in on totalitarianism more and more each day.

This cannot be resolved by exchanging democrats for republicans or vice versa. They are all in cahoots. And this is why Sarah Palin isn’t a part of the solution; she’s a part of the problem. The only really good thing about the woman is that she wants to kill some Polar Bears, gotto love that.

A coincident?


  1. Very well put!

    Greetings from Scandinavia

  2. it's giving me nightmares thinking how many who would follow this hedge wizard :\

  3. You are right in-as-far that Palin is still politics-as-usual. But she is meddling with powers beyond her control - because this is only part of the tea-partiers. I strongly suspect that if push comes to shove, the movement will split into a conservative and a libertarian wing. Without the libertarian wing, they wont get anywhere, because it's just Bush all over again.

    And sadly, while Palin may try to drive a "Reaganite revolution", it wont work this time. The problems are SO much bigger, which means that you cannot just lower taxes and whistle past the deficit.

    Either the libertarian wing wins, or the country goes to hell and then the libertarian wing wins. You can't solve the collapse of states by spouting conservative propaganda, you need libertarian insight to re-create a society that isn't mired in chaos. Conservatives, unless they shut up and do as libertarians bid, will make themselves as superflous as democrats.

    That's what I think, at least.

  4. You are probably right, but the problem is that if Sarah and her religious nut-jobs ‘win’ and drag much of the tea-party movement into the so called conservative side, that’s probably it for America. Not only economically, no, I mean the end completely. Succession movements will sooner or later divide the country - civil war and direct military attacks on US citizens are only around the corner.

    And the woman is despicable! Who the fuck is so stupid to even have her as speaker?

  5. But I think you are missing something - 2 million people didn't march on washington because they supported the GOP (as far as I know, the consensus in the US before that was that republicans never went out and chanted for anything), so I doubt that the Tea Party movement can be "taken over". I mean - imagine being a clueless member of the Tea Party movement, and suddenly you are told you have to decide to either stand on the side of the "GOP-Tea-party" or the "Libertarian-tea-party". I don't see how anyone could come to the conclusion that they need to support the "GOP-Tea-party" since an integral part of the whole movement is being against big government.

    People like to invoke the ghost of Reagan, but the man never cut back on the US government size - he only managed to grow the rest of the US economy and also the deficit. He never came through completely on his platform of small government, rather he was a man of "medium government".

    And again, when it starts looking like "no-government-chaos", the GOP is going to see things slipping away since all their solutions start with "well, the government could...."

    Only libertarianism can provide guidance for maintaining a civil society when tax revenue is slim to nil and everything is dissolving around you.

  6. You're missing how stupid people are. All it take is a couple of 'conservatives' able to trick enough of them and the rest of the sheople will follow. That's the name of the game.