Saturday, February 6, 2010

The lying reaches new heights

Today we’re told that Sweden is lagging behind, that our GDP isn’t growing as much as many other countries and that our income is faulting because of fewer exports.

All of this is built upon the lie that is GDP.

You see when export goes down in relation to import GDP goes down and vice versa when export goes up in relation to import GDP goes up. This is one of many scams that come with GDP-calculation.

I’ve revealed this bluff here on this blog before on many occasions so if you wish you can go back and read about it, but know this: GDP measures wealth and income about as accurate as blind man can pick out his relatives in a huge gathering four miles away.

So every time any journalist, politician or pundit picks up the GDP-rabbit and wave it around like a magic trick you should be very wary about what that con-artist is saying.

FACT! We can get wealthier even though GDP goes down.

FACT! We can get poorer (and this is very often the case) even though GDP goes up.

The truth is that Sweden, although in bad shape, stands on much more solid ground than most other western nations. We are not deeply in-debt (even though the central bank do it’s very best to make us slaves to more debt), our unemployment figures are not hidden away to the same degree as in other countries, our stock exchange isn’t 50% overvalued like the American one, and we still have a lot of industry and real wealth-creating companies within our borders.

There are other not-so-bad things about my birth nation, but the point is that things are not as bad in comparison as GDP numbers might show. If it wasn’t for our deep dependence on foreign trade we would sail pretty easy through the looming depression that is about to hit the world.

So why do media try to sell us another picture?

Well, there are two reasons for this.

Firstly, and probably most important, is that media have deep, very deep connections and ties to socialism. The entire journalistic landscape is pretty much an echo of the Soviet Union or other totalitarian leftie regimes. I know it is bad in many countries, but journalists in Sweden will be on the top on any kind of list. They are the laziest, most overpaid, useless bunch of (socialist)regime-devoted thugs you can imagine. Even the so called “right-wing” papers are really only one step away from Lenin’s wet dream. These spokespersons of statism will do anything to get back the socialist/communist/tree-hugging government they love so much hence anything bad cabled out will be another nail for the current administration.

Secondly there are so many Keynesians out there and they hate that Sweden haven’t committed as much to the maniac spending-spree and outrageous money-printing all others have. They need to prove how bad it is to not borrow, not to print, and not to spend trillions on useless things.

Here comes another mad consequence of GDP calculation into play. Whenever government spends, GDP goes up. And the funny thing is; it doesn’t matter on what they spend the money on! They can have people digging dirt, shoveling growl from left to right, produce 53 trillion left shoes, it does not matter - it all ends up as a positive comes to GDP.

And this is what they are trying to sell now. If Government don’t get its act together and start wasting massive amount of money, Sweden will fall behind… cry… cry…

Oh, and don’t think for a second I like the current Swedish government, I don’t, they are idiots. But there’s a degree difference within the asylum, and if you listen to all of this crying you will soon find that you’ve given them the key to the door and the really insane will roam free.

Don’t listen to a word of what the elitists are saying, it’s all lies and insane ramblings.


  1. Man, I want some of your crazy-pills. We're at nr 11 of the wealth-ranking, and you bitch about it, get a grip...

  2. Did you even read? Too bad I cannot give you a couple of IQ:n...