Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mexican Government kills youths and police officers

Thanks to Mexican laws and the government’s expanding war on drugs and drug-cartels, three more incidents have occurred.

In Ciudad Juarez a group of armed men stormed a party in this violent northern border city, killing 13 teens and young adults and injuring about two dozen.

Violence also rocked the oceanside Mexican community of Lazaro Cardenas this weekend. Police in the southwestern city say that just after midnight Saturday, about 20 heavily armed gunmen riding in trucks with tinted windows attacked a police station with grenades and assault rifles, killing a police officer and two civilians.

Also this weekend, three women and two men, all identified as Mexican citizens, were murdered while driving in their van with California license plates near the western Mexican city of Navolato. The bodies of the five victims, including a 16-year-old girl, were found riddled with bullets.

So there you have it, death by government, adding to the body-count of several thousands in Mexico alone.

If they instead legalized drugs and legalized citizens free choice drug-cartels and mafia organizations would disappear almost overnight and people could instead buy drugs at any supermarket, scrutinized by the market and at lower prices. Much of the corruption would go away, and billions would be saved in less policing, less imprisonments and lower hospital costs to victims and their families.

But you see it is important for the government to induce fear in people and have someone to fight. Without a government created enemy, what would we need government for? Also it is good for government to have armed thugs fighting other armed thugs, it gives the people someone to ‘trust’ and also fear since government is the only one allowed to own and carry guns.


  1. All in the name of 'union'. People continue to fall for it.

  2. you might be a few chromosomes short of a full house, donkey...

  3. @Fausty:
    The level of stupidity shown by sheople of this world is the only thing that continues to amaze me...

    Thanks! An original insult, not often that happens. I like you.