Sunday, January 31, 2010

And so we enter the second act

A former police chief is suspected of rape in an expanding sex ring investigation in Sweden and a number of other well-known men are also said to be under investigation.

Göran Lindberg is the name of the man and he’s a former respected law enforcement official, among other things know for his commitment to feminist ideas.

Apparently Lindberg’s name came up unexpectedly in connection with the investigation of a suspicious death in the suburbs of Stockholm.

In July of 2009 a 60-year-old man mysteriously fell to his death from a balcony and police launched a preliminary investigation into the suspected murder. During the investigation, police confiscated a computer and a mobile phone which belonged to the deceased 60-year-old.

When investigators examined the contents of the machines and found the names of several men, they realized they had stumbled upon a new sex ring (including several rape of minors) and handed the matter over to the Stockholm County police force. However, it wasn’t Lindberg’s name that first caused a stir among the investigators, but the names of several other men. Makes you wonder who else is on that list eh? Of course the police have since then refuted any claim of other names…

Anyway, can you see one of the central themes of this movie-like development?

Okay let me continue the story.

You see the kiddy rapist had, together with his friends, this little sex-ring mainly online, of course. They used computers, internet and such to find each other and some (all?) of their victims.

Still not in-tuned? Well how about this neat little statement from our friend Göran:

“It is so easy to connect nowadays, everything is so excisable.” – meaning internet…

But this diminutive story doesn’t really stop there, because when looking around newspapers the latest days when above have played out, I think I never read so many anti-free-internet stories as during these days.

Only today you can read about how some email con-artist have stolen peoples identities, how the Swedish Film institute wants to combat web-piracy, how John Edwards sex-flick is floating around internet, and how easy any hacker can take control over your computer. And these are just a small portion of all the stuff you can find.

This sort of comes out as a conspiracy, it’s not. The elitists will however not waste any time; as soon as anything of the sort becomes news they will milk it with the same arguments, hammering them into the consciousness of the general public. And so little by little, step by step, they can implement their fascist ideas while the sheople might even thank ‘em for it, you know, we need to think of the Childreeeeen…

This will continue for a while, people are not yet ready for the next act wherein the PTB will take us into the total totalitarian state comes to information, so they need to sneak it in through the backdoor. And as with any rear-end usage they lube us with continuous caresses and kisses, saying everything will be okay, just think of the kids and how we can save us from terrorists. Bit down on the pillow please, it will soon feel better.

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