Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iranians got tha 'bomb'?

I don’t think this is true; it is probably only one of many thingies as a prelude to the American/Israeli attack on Iran - building up the sense of; “attack is a must” among the general sheople.

But I do however hope it is true because this can be fun on so many levels…


  1. Prediction: This is just the warm-up. We WILL go to war with Ian because it is profitable to do so.

    We will be in war with them by 2011.

  2. Many have said that for many years, and it is very likely. However, it will take something extra, not only the ordinary warmongering and indoctrinating media. Can you imagine the “terrorist attack” it would take?

    I’m so happy to be alive during these times, we’re making history right now and in the balance is humanities survival. so exciting…