Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

When you’ve reached a certain level of enlightenment and acquired some knowledge on how the world works, you cannot help feeling amazed every time you watch the enemy class trying to convince us that there are differences between established parties.

Today was such an event in Sweden when the Political Parties respective leader debated at Parliament.

Oh, what a trainwreck.

Surrounding the speakers at parliament sat the coalition of four-winged soul killers elected by duped constituencies. On cue applauding whenever appropriate, but a look into their eyes and you soon realize that they would like to do nothing else then to go back to their office where they can conjure spirit manifestations of the powers, set them on people. Influence them, haunt them...

I'm also sure that the tales of anxious activity between the powers that be was mainly seen on TV by the sheople who are attuned and trained by their masters in obedient school. Widely cheering for their respective master and booing at made-up enemies.

Other listeners will, of course, be the spin-doctors whose job now becomes to enlighten us mere mortals what was said, who said it, what clothes they had on while saying it, and quoting some well thought-up puns.

Well… and then the few out there, like myself, that find this sort of thing almost as humorous as an Earthquake striking a deeply poor and socialist country.

It is hard to find any real differences between the established parties. Listening to a debate like this only confirms what you already know; they are all in cahoots. Pure undiluted evil pours out of from each one of them. They all what us to vote, they all want us to pay our taxes, they all want to control our lives, and they all want us to be good little sheople running inside that wheel without complaints.

3 years has passed since the current government took power. Has anything changed? Look around you, check you valet, what is really different? Sure they’ve cut a couple of taxes, but they have also increased others. Put right hand on your heart and hold a bible/Koran (or whatever) in your left hand and think really hard, have anything changed? They say so in media, the opposition complains, but to you, is there any difference you can even mention? I don’t think you can.

The structure is the same, those in power are the same people, media still write the same things, and banks are still stealing our money.

And listen to what they are saying. I mean really listen and understand. How much difference is there? 1-2% in taxes? One less department with one group of puppet masters and one more with the other group?

How any thinking adult can believe that there’s a real distinction between these evil-doers is beyond, way beyond any dimension of understanding.

The whole debate can easily be summarized by the following:
“I'm not stealing. I-I-I'm just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing? That one is my enemy, everything he/she/it does is evil, but I am the good guy. I will not change anything, but I will change nothing better than the evil one will. The evil one will not change anything either, but oh so evil he/she/it is.”

This is a showcase, a spectacle of theatricals meant to dupe you into believing in something that doesn’t exist. While they elongate their mouths to engulf its victim's heads with its incisors – police, social workers, bureaucrats etc – they are laughing at you in dark rooms sitting in leather chairs stroking a white furry animal while going Muhahaha…

As long as so many of you out there really buy this scam, nothing will ever change.

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  1. I fully agree, I would be happy to vote but there is nothing to vote for, I almost have to get back to my uncle who said, as long as I have a lake to fish in, a shotgun and a hunting rifle, big freezer or cold winters and some potatoes in my filed I do not care, I will keep living...