Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wilders, burqa and the mainstream idiots

While UKIP in Britain have issued a statement that they think that burqa should be outlawed, Geert Wilders, one of Holland's most popular politicians, goes on trial in Amsterdam for calling the Koran a "fascist book" and Islam a "backward culture".

Media would like you to think that these two events should be packed together with the Swish vote about minarets and National Socialism. Geert Wilders is called a right-wing nut, UKIP has become as racist at BNP and everyone defending them in any way is fascists and extremists.

This is, of course, not true.

Although I sort of disagree with Wilders about Islam I still need to state that all religions are nutty and contains fundamentalism, and extremist Islamists should be regarded as enemies to all forms of democracy and freedom. But I can still respect people’s opinion and their religious beliefs. Whatever cloud-dwelling deity idiots believe in, it is their business, not mine. I don’t care if they pray to Buddha, Christ or a couple of shoes, I couldn’t care less. It is when their beliefs and their actions gets imposed on my life, hinders my opinions and my beliefs I get a bit testy.

So when some people, politicians, intellectuals, cartoonists or others, need 24-hour security when they have done nothing but lawfully express themselves, I always defend such individuals, no matter what the politically correct, Muslim groups or socialists say.

The PVV, Geert Wilders party, isn’t politically mainstream, which is probably why mainstream media and pundits loath it. Its roots lying not in neo-Fascism, nativism, conspiricism, antisemitism, or other forms of extremism, but in libertarianism and mainstream conservatism. With the exception for the anti-Islam standpoint this is actually one of Europe’s best political entities. That is not to say ‘perfect’ or my cup of tea, but still in comparison with most others, whom actually holds many fascist views, PPV isn’t that bad.

Wilders will stand alone before a Dutch court. But make no mistake: it is the very principle of free speech which hangs in the balance there. And so no matter what you may think about this character and his political views, he should you support.

In regards to the UKIP policy I think it is wrong; whatever people voluntarily put on their bodies is their business. Besides I see this as a political tactic rather than anything else. Trying to steal some BNP and labour voters and hoping that the so, so libertarian voters stay with.

If Wilders would lose in court and if all this PC-crap is allowed to continue, people will react in complete opposite to what the elitists and mainstream morons seemingly wants. People will vote for the “racists”, because no-one listens. The consequence of prosecuting and hunt down those who criticize Islam and Muslims, that mainly are voicing a general feeling, will only have the effect of growing such sentiments into a much worse situation.

They’ve tried it for so many years now. Ignoring, bashing, bullying all the so called “racist” parties, it haven’t worked, which any intelligent person knew beforehand. It’s a stupid tactic. Especially stupid when you know that most of the immigration problems have been created by the very people who criticize those who criticize the problem.

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