Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unrelated incidents reinforce the build-up

The great leader of the British isles, Gorgon Brownie, have decided to turn his puckered poopster towards America and follow his fellow emperors in imposing a "no-fly list" to stop suspected terrorists from travelling to the UK while other individuals under suspicion will undergo thorough checks. Direct flights between Yemen to UK are also to be suspended until concerns about their safety are addressed.

Why not suspend flights from Iran? Iraq? Saudi? Egypt? Newcastle? Oh, they will come…

Together with other measures, like the pornographic full body scanners and new teams of intelligence officers who will seek to identify individuals who present a threat to security, this will in affect make travelling harder. This isn’t the intention, but to a certain degree it will be the consequence.

So what about trains? Boats? Busses? Are terrorists really only going after airplanes? Been there, done that so to say, so why would any Alky Aida member only look to flying machines? Isn’t that both boring and expected? Wouldn’t it be smarter and more original to hijack a superliner?

Oh, I’m not giving the Great Gorgon any ideas, I’m sure he’s already thought of that. So that will be, or already is, the next step.

History tells us that one of the first things to go before a great upheaval is roads. As soon as travel cannot be assured trade goes down, people feel less secure, exchange of information goes down and development and wealth deteriorate. Modern day travel (roads) has much to do with air flight…

Oh, I know what you are about to say, what about internet? Surely most trade and interaction can be made online? Well yes, but let’s look what’s behind door number 2; SWIFT, ACTA, IPRED, and lots of other funnies to destroy the information high-way…

What can be interpreted as unrelated news we find that China apparently plans to reduce lending by its banks. Now this is something that has to be done in some countries, China being one of them. But fears have risen that this will hurt the worldwide economy, and rightly so. Not that this is the problem or will cause any new collapse by itself, it won't, but remember both Germany’s and Japan’s trade surpluses have somewhat to do with how much China spends. Also, remember the close relationship between China and the USD.

Also, several US banks are showing horrific numbers. Granted some of them can be ‘explained’, but it doesn’t look very good considering that most of these banks are insolvent. If you’ve paid attention to the 100+ banks that have gone into receivership in the US, they’ve been overvalued by tens of percent, some as much as 60% and this scam is ongoing, throughout the system. To this we have many commercial real-estate loans up for renewal now in February and Mars, the ongoing hoax of derivatives and so on. Of course the crocks at Goldman Sachs and other fraudulent institute are still showing profits, would be strange otherwise with the robbing, stealing and constant support they get from their pals in Washington. But add this together and it is a ticking time-bomb.

Now, only based on what I’ve just told you, you should be heading for the hills, alternatively grabbing after pitch-forks and torches. But of course things are a lot worse and more intricate than this, so when I tell you that we are utterly, completely, totally fucked beyond any fucked up fuckedi-fuck ever seen before, I hope you heed my warning.

These are only the tip of the eroding glacier, there are far worse things going on, but these are the sort of signs to look for when you decide what to do in the near future.


  1. So nudity is allways pornographic? Are u a pervert?

  2. To a certain extent yes.

    And yes, of course I am.

  3. read your blog and agree to most of it - as for the naked body scan it is an offend to all decent people who just want to go somewhere withot any bad intentions, why should everyone be treated like a criminal, and why is that horrible treatment fully accepted by politicians and journalists?