Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More about the Haitian situation

Another article from the Wall Street Journal (of all places) that argues that the constant help packages being sent to Haiti do more harm than good. Read here

Personally I haven’t sent anything and I won’t either. As long as there’s no demands being issued towards Haitians to create a state based on capitalism I don’t see the point. If, in best case scenario, my aid would reach someone who needs it, how long will that person(s) survive? A day? A week? With all the billions streaming in from all over the country in question can survive a couple of months, maybe half a year?

Then what? - Well its back to poverty, misery, starvation and leftie governance.

They might need some catastrophe aid, even a developed country with a functioning market economy may have needed some extras, but there it should stop. By all accounts they’ve already gotten too much, not too little as people who wants to feel better about themselves argues.

That’s what this is about you know; that goodie-good-good feeling that comes to morons when they think they’ve helped someone by sending a couple of bucks.

You’re not helping! In fact, at least seen over time, any aid sent above that already squandered, will help to keep the country down in dirt-shit poverty.

How many dictators, hurricanes, earthquakes and rebellions will Haiti suffer before they, and you, realize that throwing temporary money around doesn’t help?

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