Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another one – more to come

US police are hunting an armed man after eight people were shot dead in the state of Virginia.

Police named the suspect as Christopher Speight and said that he had fled into woods after the attack at a house in the town of Appomattox

This is, of course, only one in a series of incidents and by no means the last one. With unemployment running wild, deficits sky-rocketing, the most warmongering president of all time in office and with the ever increasing fascism getting imposed on the American populace we can expect many more during the coming years.

We can hope that people losing it and going on these rampages target guilty authorities and not the innocent. Go postal; by all means, but please do so at a public building filled with bureaucrats, politicians and other criminals.


  1. what about the easy access to guns?

  2. In some cases, like this event, they have no barring one way or the other. This guy would have killed his family and whatnot no matter what. You cannot stop madmen from getting a gun and shooting people, that is impossible.

    However in many cases gun restrictions give any culprit free range, there’s no one standing in his way. If people were armed, many of such shootings could be prevented or at least minimized since those around would kill the bastard before too much harm can be done.