Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My thoughts are with Mary Jo Kopechne

A little over a year ago, President Oduma carried Massachusetts by about 25 percentage points. Since then the pick-pocket in chief have made history by breaking the debt accumulation record and become the most warmongering President of all time.

Still delivering good speeches he’s also gone from being super popular to becoming the president that has lost the most supporters in the shortest amount of time.

In fact the Obamination’s rush to Boston on Sunday to try to save the foundering candidate may have contributed to her loss.

More than 2 million of Massachusetts' registered voters are "unenrolled'' in any political party -- more than the roughly 1.5 million registered Democratic, more than the roughly 500,000 registered Republican.

This much is clear: Republicans did not elect Brown, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The unenrolled did.

Sadly the only real candidate, independent Joseph L. Kennedy only got a couple of percentage, but one can always take comfort that the murderer Teddy Kennedy is dead and gone. Besides, Brown may yet surprise us and not be a fraudulent voting machine for the PTB. We can hope.

Lastly, the Democrats will have to play real dirty now and if you thought the Nelson bribe was bad, wait until you see what is coming next.

Me I hope there’s such a place as heaven and that Mary Jo Kopechne is laughing her wings of, and that there’s such a place as hell were Teddy Kennedy can burn for all eternity knowing that his legacy will only be a failed ObamaCare bill.

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