Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have even the Japanese people had enough?


The ruling Democratic Party of Japan and TV Asahi Corp on Monday received bullets along with letters criticizing respectively DPJ Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa and media reports about the party, police said Tuesday.

The letter to the DPJ was addressed to Ozawa and there was also a statement enclosed criticizing Ozawa’s political and diplomatic stances and warning other DPJ lawmakers to ‘‘be on their guard,’’ police said. The letter received by TV Asahi was addressed to media companies and criticized media reports about the ruling party, according to the television station and police.

Police said the bullets were 9 millimeters in diameter. There was no sender’s name on the envelopes but the stamps show they were posted in Okayama Prefecture, police officials said.

Bullets are a good start, sending them by letters not so much…

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