Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Banks continue to laugh all the way to the bank

Both in the US and Sweden there rages a bonus-debate at the moment. Banks, that first robbed people and made bad investments, and then got more stolen money in form of bail-outs and so cheap money from the central banks they even got paid to accept. These fraudulent institutions that either should be bankrupt or be burned to the ground are having a payout-frenzy to executives and other employees that have been so good at stealing and taking lots of tax money can get their bonuses.

One deceitful bank in Sweden (SEB) even seems to have been handing out bigger bonuses then the actual profit during 2009. So cute, don’t you think?

Kudos to some of you that seem to be kind of upset over this. But as I’ve said before and I say it again, if you people out there really knew how our banking and monetary system works, you’d be out doing the dance of revolution within minutes. What we’re seeing with these bonuses is only the tip of a very dirty ice-berg and in the center of all these scams, lying, thievery and contempt for the common man is the central bank. Whenever a crisis emerges, they themselves have created; you can always count on the banksters to fill their own pockets and the central bank to make things even worse.


  1. Det heter: banks continue och inte banks continues.

  2. Varför skriva på ett språk du inte behärskar?

  3. Varför träna fotboll om man inte är bra på det?