Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hilarious quake

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. Already battered by storms, socialism, military coups and gang violence, much of Haiti is a mixture of slums, poor construction and people living on the edge.
And since the idiots of this miserable island cannot build properly, have no real infrastructure and constantly refuse to embrace capitalism, an earthquake with, oh let’s say, a magnitude of 7.0, pretty strong but not really disastrous in itself, will leave hundreds (thousands) dead and desolate the morons and their island even further.

So, of course, that happened. Like icing on the cake and yet another nail in the leftie coffin.

The pick-pocket in chief Oduma pledged to help the crippled country with some money he’s stolen from Americans. Probably others will follow, pouring lots of money over a Haitians that don’t deserve it and rather need help learning how to build houses and how to string up totalitarians in lamp-posts.

According to some reports thousands of people are dead and ambassadors are saying it’s catastrophe of major proportions that will make the already suffering nation into a horrible place.

And I cannot stop laughing.

This is hilarious stuff.

This is what happens when you refuse to be rational, refuse to comply with basic human rights and instead live by the code of authoritarian madness. What the world should be doing is to tell these sad people to fuck off. Until they start maximizing individual liberty and minimizing the state we should ignore their cry for help. If they never learn, how can they ever avert things like this and start helping themselves? If they’d done that, the death toll would be far less, and they wouldn’t need any help.

But, of course, our western media as true advocates of the same policies that rendered Haiti into a poor nation, urges us to send money. Don’t do it. If you really want to help these people, send them instructions manuals on how to build stuff and a copy of Atlas Shrugged. After that ignore the idiots.


  1. Proper building like in San Fransisco, Kobe, Stava, Düzce you mean?

  2. What has a apple to do with a orange?

  3. The right to compare Apples and Oranges is a fundamental cornerstone of any democracy. It does not necessarily mean that an Apple is an Orange, however, under certain circumstances an Apple will become an Orange and vice versa, the difference in perception is only the eye of the beholder, which in turn relies on the intelligence and basic understanding of the subject by said beholder.

  4. No, an Apple can never become an Orange or vice versa. You may think that, but then you’d be an idiot. And it still has nothing to do with dying, and funny, Haitians.

  5. As I said. It is all in the eye of the beholder. I know your 'blog' is just an attempt to impress your 13 year old buddies, however, just to amuse me - is it as funny when a Haitian dies as it is a Swede dies? It must be right? Otherwise you'd be way too far-right, which does not go very well with your header text.

  6. No, it is not. An apple is an apple, an orange is an orange, 1+1=2, A=A, a chair is always a chair, you cannot walk through walls, there is no superman. Anyone arguing for or saying otherwise is a moron, probably a pretty dangerous one at that.

    And yes, it is funny whenever someone dies that could easily have avoided it. With a society built upon justice and equality very few, perhaps even none, Haitian would have died. The same goes in Sweden were government murders thousands of people each year through taxation, anti-drug laws, conscription and other mad schemes. But it is funnier when natural disasters happens, especially when the entity said to protect and serve the people have made things worse beforehand, hardly helps at all afterwards and continues to suppress and make things far into the future.

  7. First of all - I am unsure if you really don't understand, but you are actually yourself comparing apples and oranges by comparing physical objects with methaphores. But let's leave that for now and concentrate on what you actually are saying - your'e in a sense stating that everyone but yourself is stupid, and deserves to die. A bit harsh I beleive, as you're laughing the Holocaust survivors, the Katrina victims, the Tsuanami victims, and countless completely innocent people right in their faces - they could've prevented this couldn't they? According to you noone should be 'stupid' enough to live close to the sea right? People should leave everything they own and flee head over heels if they even have the slightest sense of insecurity? I beleive it is time for you to move to a very safe place my friend... hm... oh.. wait... i actaully don't think there are such a place, considering that meeting people can also be hazardous to your health and should be avoided at all costs...

  8. It was you who started mumbling about how one could be the other. The metaphor as well as the basic facts of reality stands and if you didn’t get it, the metaphor is contingent on the two not being the same, which they aren’t, not in this metaphor or in the real world.

    There are more people out there using their brains, and most people are not really stupid, they only chose to be by ignoring facts and physical realities which makes them stupid. And this makes it funny when they die from exposing themselves to dangers they easily could have avoided. People living on a hill-side of an active volcano, going swimming around Orcas, tries to cuddle with a Polar Bear, trust government. Things of that nature. And when they do stuff like that and dies, it is hilarious. I am not saying they deserve to die, it’s just humorous.

    And those things you mentioned could all have been partly or fully avoided. If people was rational, lived within their means and stayed away from all forms of totalitarianism the Holocaust, as well as most wars and such could and can be avoided. It is harder with natural disasters, of course, but as anyone with synapses working know that if you live at the beach comes hurricane season you need to have some things in order. Also there are countermeasures to be taken and IF the entity said to protect us did their job the suffering would be kept to a minimum. We still see people go out fishing and refuse to stack up on canned goods before hurricanes strike, and that is funny.

    I am not talking about insecurity or stop living with risks, what I am saying is that most people chose to ignore risks especially numbero uno; the government. Haiti has many years of mad socialism and fascist ideas spurting about and because of this they are dirt poor and have no houses to live in and horrible medical facilities hence it is funny when they wither and die.

    Because of all this it makes it risky to live among humans, more so for us with intellect. But because of intellect one can also blend in and adapt to the sheoples madness.

  9. Back to the fruits again eh? Well if you take a quick look above, you compared the Haiti quake (and/or buildings) to Apples (or Oranges) and the SF/Kobe/etc. to the other fruit. But no matter - I just only hope you are consistant enough to enjoy it equally much when someone you care about dies a horrible death due to circumstances which could've be avoided - Driving while tired, not installing smoke detectors, crossing the road while on the cellphone, or any of the thousand of little daily things that may or may not kill us, because if you're not laughing if your mother dies in such a way then you should not laugh while an innocent Haitian dies, or you're just another hypocrite.