Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes! And now let’s start WW III

A powerful bomb blast allegedly killed one of Iran's leading nuclear scientists Tuesday morning (2010-01-12). Iranian officials immediately, to no surprise, blamed Israel and the West for the assassination. Others say he was murdered by the Iranian government because of his support for the student movement. Either way, this isn’t really the sort of thing that will calm things down now is it?

And mind you me that this isn’t the first little "Iranian nuclear scientist" that has gone up in smoke. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this guy, and others, is benefiting Iran and it seems unlikely that such guys would be assassinated by bomb. If anything the regime would probably lock them up or in other ways force them to work if necessary, not kill them. So what does that leave us with? Yeah… a fine mess this is...

At the same time the Yemen situation seem to be escalating and the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan rages on with millions of refugees as one of several problems.

So… those US troops with back-up military forces from NATO that completely surrounds Iran will soon go away? Right? And Israel has noooooo intention whatsoever to bomb some facilities (fly over through Saudi Air-space already approved by the Saudi’s by the way) and has never said anything threatening? Oh, and the Saudi’s are the ones wanting Gorgon Brownie and Oduma to fight “terrorist camps” in Yemen, apparently the recent would-be bomber of the underwear-model kind had been “trained” there. You see were this is going? Are you getting the picture?

Let’s make something abundantly clear, if they attack Iran, they will destroy the revolutionary movement fighting for democracy because the people of Iran will bound together against a common enemy, they will also have a much harder fight on their hands than underdeveloped and poor Afghanis or a Iraqi people tired of Saddam. Such an event would also sky-rocket oil-prices and more than likely spin our economies into new depts. But funniest of all is that this would happen when people around the world are already mighty tired of the US war machine and the lies being told. And how will Muslims around the globe react when western forces yet again attack Islam?

I’m stocking up on popcorn and vodka; this is going to be hilarious.


  1. The islamic regime of Iran killed this professor. He was not a nuclear scientist. This is only the iranian regimes propaganda. His students have already begun to wrote about him on their webloggs. You could just search for his scientific publications and see for yourself.

  2. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, hence "allegedly" and quotation marks. His specialization was apparently theoretical particle physics (related field) and the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency has formally denied any professional relationship with the Professor. However, as I write, does it really matter?

  3. It probably matters for Israel. BTW, the current issue of The Economist has an article about Israel and their plans against Iran.

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