Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When will we see death-camps?

Dictator Hugo Chavez has cut the exchange rate of the bolivar against the dollar by half. Devaluing the currency with about 17%.

Last year, the nation's inflation rate reached 25%, Latin America's highest; anyone thinks this cutting down the currency will help? Anyone?

At the same time, the greasy despot warned merchants during his weekly TV address that raising prices too much could result in the seizure of their businesses. And in true totalitarian fashion he declared 24-hour closures of two big retailers, Exito and Makro, for alleged "irregularities."

And, of course, the pranksters of Wall Street thought this was a good idea. Venezuelan bond prices rose and the Standard & Poor's debt-rating agency upgraded its outlook on Venezuela's creditworthiness, saying the country will now be better able to balance its budget and pay down its $58 billion in foreign and domestic debt.
They stick together as usual…

What hasn’t been reported in western media is that Venezuela has been weighed down by power and water shortage. Isn’t that special? One of the most oil-producing countries in the world with an abundant of fresh-water is having a shortage. The dictator, that is getting fattier by the minute, blames a drought and has announced rationing to reduce power demands by 20% for the rest of the year, and ordered that government offices close at 1 p.m. on weekdays and that electricity exports to Brazil be cut 70%.

The pattern should be recognized, this isn’t something new, it happens all the time when a dictator and his cronies try to micro-manage a country. If he follows the pattern next up is to blame some elusive foreign power (more of it that is), hoist his hands against far away governments and say that greedy interests have foiled his plans. After that there will be a crack down on “crime” and even more socialist solutions because those are never wrong. After that comes hyperinflation, and/or murders, and/or war, and/or death-camps.

And since we have a combined spiraling crime and housing shortages in all major cities and the economy continues to fall, we’re about to see what happens next (above) pretty soon.

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