Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Already rumors of a induced earthquake

Have been lurking the net and already seen a couple of reports stating that the Haiti shake-and-bake was induced by the US of A. Apparently the purpose would have been to prevent the stealing and diversion of the Settlement transfers to corrupt recipient central banks and institutions in Latin America. Someone(s) also implied it may have been another testing ground for HARP, which isn’t that farfetched.

Although rumors like these are to be taken very lightly, to say the least, I wouldn’t dismiss them entirely. The economic collapse draws ever closer, and with the fascist Obamination at the helm anything goes.

One idiot that probably watched too many movies (2012, *cough cough*) also stated that we’re doomed.

To my surprise no one has blamed global warming yet, at least not to my knowledge, but that is probably just a matter of time.

But what is not surprising is the call for help that goes around the globe. Haitian idiots whom loves coupes, fascism and socialism so much that they hardly have had time to build houses or hospitals are in desperate need, and the call seems to be answered by the world community, sadly enough. As stated before, we should send them Ayn Rand books and a couple of screwdrivers and let them figure things out for themselves instead. In the long run a much better solution. But I’m not completely "heartless"; we can throw in some building material as well, not sure if they know what to do with it though…

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