Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Empire decline

With hardly any production capacity left and the ones still producing are showing horrific numbers, the US government and Oduma can revel yet again that the American Armament industry is still functioning thanks to the large sales of arms to the Arab Gulf States, mainly the Saudi’s.

During 2009 it was only one sector that showed growing figures; Military expenditure and shipments. And now the news comes in that US arm sales hit a record last year thanks to the sales to the oil rich Arab states...

For those of you who know your history, this is how empires falter and dies. They grow big, thinks they are invincible, start socializing everything on home-soil and start throwing more and more soldiers out in the world.

America is now showing us the last pieces of their decline.

At home the banksters and tricksters can literarily get away with murder, not to mention the biggest bank robbery in the history of mankind. The government promises everything to everybody, but in reality they “save” the ‘too big to fails’, partly to cover up and partly to help out among and within the enemy class. In essences bringing forth the sort of GramscoFabiaNazism we’ve seen so many times before. The politically correct wins battle after battle, the news only report what the PTB wants, and the opposition is treated as a lower beings and everyone that’s not onboard are guntooting inbreed racists that hates the poor. Producing companies are paying too much to its workforce and are facing high taxation as well as environment freaks and an endless stream of regulations.

Abroad they are fighting in several wars, involved in so many countries now that it’s starting to get ridiculous. Having hundreds of thousands of troop’s diploid around the globe contributes to the ever increasing debt that is now reaching heights never seen before.

And maybe worst of all, they have no countermeasures. They cannot (but will) print more money because that road leads to hyperinflation, they cannot increase (but will) debts anymore because the lenders are getting worried and the currency is falling. The only path the enemy class has at their disposal (in their heads anyway) is to throw even more money around, and that way try to save what is left of what once was the most and best producing country in our entire history.

Well, there’s one other way the enemies of the people always resort to, something that this post is about; war...


  1. Wow, another tin foil hat blog.
    One born every minute.

  2. Jemen utpekas som fäste för Al Qaida. Detta är en rökridå utsänd från USA för att på nytt tydliggöra en fiende man tänker attackera och invadera. Inom 6 månader har USA trupper i Jemen! Varför? Jemen är ett land med oljereserver och har ett mycket strategiskt läge på arabiska halvön. Irak och Afganistan har man redan kontroll över så då kvarstår endast Iran, Oman och Somalia. Det är hög tid att sätta stopp för USA's Imperialism dvs deras Intention att bygga upp "the new world"...