Friday, April 10, 2009

Your favorite apocalypse!

My little poll ended up about where I thought it would. Maybe I should have ignored those Aliens to get a more reasonable result, but it is still fun to see that 91 people have voted and that this is the result:

What is your favorite apocalypse?

1. Alien invasion 43 (47%)

2. Asteroids and Comets 8 (8%)

3. Coronal Ejection/cosmic rays 3 (3%)

4. By our own hand 25 (27%)

5. Environmental ruin 12 (13%)

Number of votes: 91

You can hardly make any real conclusion from a poll done on a strange mans blog but I still choice to make one and that is that if people want to die and see the entire human race go out, they want to do it the fun way. Aliens and killing ourselves is more fun scenarios then some rock crashing into earth or if the sun(s) kill us. In other words, people have some humor after all.

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