Friday, April 10, 2009

Charlatan weekend

So it is Easter and idiots all around the world celebrate some voodoo practitioner that died for a couple of thousands of years ago. Some people with no brain activity whatsoever have even got themselves spiked to one of those death symbols in wood. Others put on some strange head-bonnets in order to bleed some while they waggle down the street carrying another version of that death symbol. Hundreds of millions have suffered, been plundered and died in the name of this spooky Jew that apparently also got up after death like a zombie created by the Umbrella Corporation. Even though I have a soft heart for someone that might be able to conjure up wine out of water, this hoax is very sad indeed. Millions of people showing us why humanity keeps ending up in bloodshed and mayhem is kind of depressing, but it also have its entertaining parts. Like those idiots crying in front of a couple of splinters while some priest fellow is sadomizing an altar boy in the back room or when people consume tons of chocolate in full-out gluttony while they are watching a movie that shows the tragic death of the sect leader in question. And in Poland an Elephant is upsetting some priests because he might be gay. I mean, that’s just hilarious!

I have nothing against people believing in poltergeists or hocus pocus, that’s their problem. But the thing is that these duped suckers have had and still have a lot of power over people and even countries. Often enough in liege with different governments and together they are taking turns killing people in a tag team match. It is starting to be time to get rid of this ghost-story and to delete this “holyday” from the calendar so we can work instead. But, on the other hand, you idiots out there might need something to believe in and pray to when the depression hits us. I just wish you could pick something more interesting and more believable to pray to. Like Sonia Red, the gorgeous porn actor from the Czech Republic. You know she is real and she shows you the true meaning of everything religious; pure and utter bliss! Now that is something to get down on your knees for!


  1. Ok this article just sucks ass, either jesus or Torbjorn liked this March... So what´s the point? ffs send this stupid retard to Iraq or to Burma (also the land of RAMBO). To see what pain is all about.. BTW don´t forget to check my site dude, its all for free and i would like you to give it a invistigation

  2. Really? Since I was kind of drunk last night and hardly remember writing this, I think it is a masterpiece.

    But then again I cannot really understand your point, also drunk or?

  3. Puerilt skrivet. Artikeln visar en ganska banal ungdomlig brist på insikt beroende på... ungdomlig brist på livserfarenhet och ungdomligt rop på att bli sedd...av fler än mamma.

  4. Tackar! Love u "Anonymous" guys, always proving me right that people are idiots. Thanks!

  5. Glory for goddess Sonia Red.
    Is natural to venérate her.
    I don't touch to religions with invisible gods and clergymenwith stange uniforms and strange habits.
    That 's for perverses. I am a normal guy.