Friday, April 10, 2009

The Obamanator’s delusions

US President Barack Obama has nicked his economic advisor, Lawrence H. Summers sentence and says he sees "glimmers of hope" in the economy (what did I tell you about politicians and their positivism?). This while new figures shows that the deficit is growing faster than predicted and the Marxist leader calls for more billions to continue the war his predecessor as head monkey started. The tourist industry in the US is bleeding and some cities and areas are printing their own money to keep investments close in a funny protectionism move. And people are actually taking action towards buying Canadian dollars because they are starting to mistrust the American. Trade is slowing down everywhere and GM is about to go bankrupt, but that’s "glimmers of hope" for ya,

Mr Obamaster have promised more action on the economy in the coming weeks which probably means he is going to buy a couple thousands more cars with newly printed money or maybe he can buy red shoes for all public employees this time? Whatever this idiot is planning to drive the economy further down the sewer, it will be comical. Now I going to drink some red wine and listen to some march music from the former Soviet Union, better learn those by heart straight away and show I’m a good little soldier.

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