Wednesday, April 22, 2009

They are bleeding us dry

As I have predicted, the central bank have lowered and lowered the Swedish interest rate until it is practically zero. This together with more money in the system have lead to higher prices on real-estate and more people borrowing in addition to wasting away their last savings in order to buy things they in reality cannot afford. Nothing strange about it and very easy to understand if you are not journalist or economist in lieg with those in charge. The worst thing about this is the next step when either prices fall like a stone or (more believable) the interest rate will go up towards 15-20%. Either way, billions will be wiped out.

So in two magnificent moves the enemy class have wiped out the last line of defence Sweden has. Firstly the government decided to spend, borrow and print. Granted not at any high level just yet, but they still decided which direction to take and any money wasted is bad enough. And then the central bank lunacy which is followed by people going out and spending all they have left. In other words practically no savings are left, there aren’t any buffers in the economy and the unemployment continues to rise. It is almost like they want the country to fail and the people to starve. When this crisis slowly but surely goes over to a depression, people will probably turn towards the lefties and their “solutions” which is the very policies that got us into this mess. And if you didn’t starve before that decision, you sure will after it.

What my birth-nation needs, like most other countries in this world, is a revolt. You can wave your hands in the air over some triumph, but next year that victory will be gone. If those in charge lower one tax, they put 3 regulations and 5 laws into place instead. And they might agree how horrid it is to restrict personal freedom, but behind closed doors they either vote the other way or plot how to circle around. For every year that passes; more laws, more restrictions and more monitoring is put into place. And every time there is a problem, more regulations or the printing of more money is the only answer. This needs to stop. But the enemy class will never give up the enormous power and dictatorship privileges they have and they will use force, both in order to enforce the laws and to protect their sorry asses. When you are starving and without a job, do not blame immigrants or some elusive ideology. It is those in charge that should be blamed. Your enemies are neither the rich or poor people nor are our enemy the market. It is those within the system, supporting it, ruling it, that is our enemies. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves left or right, they are all in support of the same planning and controlling system. This surveillance and regulation state is not only creeping into every corner of our homes, it is also the main reason for this crisis and the coming depression. The only way out of this vicious circle is to rebel; to bring in freedom, equality and objective justice in the country.

When I look around what people are writing, they are for the most part right. I have not seen a single commentary saying lowing interest rate was a good idea. Still newspapers are filled with stories about this or that family going to buy lots of stuff. The Prime Minister says it was necessary and several economical “experts” argues it was the right thing to do, but not you, the people. Even the people have realized that making it cheaper to borrow and destroying all saved capital is a bad idea. Even the people knows it is a bad idea to print a lot of money and borrow yourself out of debt, but not the enemy class, those in power, those in charge. According to them it is necessary to save foolish bankers and make people throw away their last savings. According to them it is necessary to bail out others within their ranks while normal people are unemployed. Why are you letting them do this to you? Many of you apparently have more brain cells then the entire Central Bank and the parliament together; still they rule your life. Why? Are you happy being monitored and controlled? Do you love paying ridiculously high taxes and not getting anything for them? Either you do something or you fall. This crisis is already too late to avoid, but maybe, just maybe, we can stop the next one. Our enemies can be defeated; you just haft to make an effort and, maybe, get a gun.

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