Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The horrifying idiot is in my radio!

I usually listen to some American 24/7 radio station without any commercial breaks. Depending which time of day it is, my mood and so on, the channel changes. This morning I was listening to Electric FM and some techno-dance thingies, but suddenly I froze. Instinctively I reach for a gun (which I don’t have) and covered a bit down by my desk. On this horrifying radio station they are playing some Obama-trance piece. This guy is creepy beyond all believe. Not only are we seeing superhero comics with this idiot as the hero, now we need to listen to his speeches in music.

The cult-worship of this socialist gives away very eerie feelings especially when camps are being built all across America that is going to contain a civilian army as large and as well founded as the regular army. And this goes on at the same time as this creepy rascist is making friends with dictators and other socialists. Really frightening stuff.

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