Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Darling psychosis - nothing left to bleed

I have been spending some time this afternoon reading the new British budget and it is really funny. Normally I would try to avoid complaining since being a guest here, but this is to idiotic to stay away from.

Not only is there lots of higher taxes (what did I tell ya) but there is also more fun things. Like the complete wastefulness of the taxpayer’s subsidizing themselves to buy a new car. “Oh, it works for the Germans”. It is just destruction of capital. If you own a perfectly good car or don’t need one, why pay tax money in order to get a new car “cheaper”? It’s complete madness.

This is fantastic: "income tax for those earning more than £150,000 to rise to 50%". Together with the rest of the budget this is a sure way of getting the last investment money to flee the country. So not only have this government completely wiped out the entire country several times over and collected a debt that might never be paid, now they are scaring off the only investment capital that might get the country going again. In addition to all this craziness they also do as socialists always does, throw money at the unproductive and lazy in order to get them dependent on the government and keep them voting for the same socialism.

But maybe the most fun about it is the tax increase on tobacco and alcohol. Especially the later will not be very popular among the British Isles. So even if there only about a year to next election, I have the same advice to the English speaking people, revolt. Labour has destroyed the country, totally. Don’t let them also destroy the only means there is climb out of this darkness. A year from now there might be nothing left to save.

I also checked the pictures of the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, and that idiot actually looks happy. On every picture I can find he has that smug crocked smile. Unbelievable.

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