Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What they ought to be saying

My countrymen. To you, I say today; you are going to pay. You are going to pay for the lavish spending of your parents; you are going to pay for the public debts but most of all you are going to pay for your misplaced trust in government and the state. It is going to take several years of hardship and high spirit before we once again stand prosperous. And you are going to do it. As of this moment, every governmental expenditure, both state and local as been withdrawn. With the exception for the police, the armed forces and a couple of minor administrative groups all else is gone. As of this moment no social workers, no nurses, no cleaners, not doctors and no teachers are employed by the government. There are no governmentally own companies anymore, they have been sold to the private sector and the money has been used to pay off the debt the socialist before us collected. There is no subsidy to get anymore; there is no special treatment to either the individual or the collective. Sadly the taxes will not be cut with more than half at this moment. We are still paying for your mistakes and earlier left governments and we as a nation will honor that debt and repay it. During the curse of time as the debt decreases, so will the taxes.

In addition to this, 97% of the laws will get booted out and will never be seen again. This process will take a while so in the meanwhile most of the old laws will still have effect. Things that will be changed immediately are;

Freedom of body:

You may eat, inject, smoke, drink, sell and do whatever you want with your own body. As long as it is consensual and no force is involved, do whatever with yourself.

Freedom of soul and mind

There is no state church or restriction for religion whatsoever. Get married, get divorced, get 16 husbands or build a mosque in your backyard. No one have the right to impose on your life and freedom of choice.

Freedom to protection
Effective immediately everyone has the right to self protection and hence all banns of firearms and weapons are hereby lifted. If ever a socialist government gets to power again and they even wants to make the slightest miniscule change to government and law, rebel, go up to them and shot them.

We're have left humanities bloodiest century plagued by a terrible political invention -- totalitarianism. The socialist way of thinking that communists, fascists and national socialists share, might be easy to see thru for most, but the smaller bits and pieces are not. We have partly left the worst totalitarianist ideas behind us, but we have still carried the collectivization with us and with that comes big government and a more sneaky and elusive socialism.
This is what caused this depression.
We are going to fight ourselves out of it with capitalism, freedom and equality. We are going to prevail, because in the end, we are humans. No race is more fragile and less equipped to rule this world if it wasn’t for one thing, our brains. It is time to use that intellect and get rid of all instruments of repression. Good luck to you all, now I’m going to get high and get me a hooker. night.

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