Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A bought Judge? Pfff... hardly news...

To no real surprise it has now come to attention that the only educated Judge, Tomas Norström, with a law-degree judging the Piratebay trial was, and is, sleeping with the prosecuting side. Among other things he is a member of several organisations with direct links to many of the people and companies on the prosecuting side. He is also a member of the board for ‘Swedish Organisation for industrial law-protection’ whom works for stronger patent protection. He is also colleague with the American movie-companies attorney in Sweden, Monique Wadsted, at a foundation and apparently knows this woman very well since they both also are members, together with Henrik Pontén from the anti-pirate agency, in the organisation SFU.

As mentioned before this is how the enemy class is used to doing business. Journalists, politicians, judges, prosecutors, big business, they are all in cahoots and good friends since several bottles of wines ago. Not really in a conspirator way, it is no planning of plots, it is just how the system is built. Without these Questionable collaborations the whole system would break down. It is one of the pillars the foundation is built upon. And several calls for a mistrial is heard. Idiots. There is not going to be a mistrial. Mr Norström was given this task by a certain system and his colleagues are the ones making the ruling if there are going to be a mistrial. Based on this information, that will never happen. And some bloggers are talking about a “threat to democracy” and calling this a “travesty”. What!? This is how it works, this is normal things. If you haven’t gotten this fact, then you have no clue about either democracy or the system of government we live with. Actually this is probably one of the better and nicer things about the system. I actually think that Mr Norström might be a good judge and might have made a fair ruling despite all this new information. This is nothing, please. If you think this is bad, you should really know what goes on in the corridors of the enemy class.

And finally you really need to ask: is it a coincidence that this Judge got to reside over this trial? What he's doing on his spare-time or what hobbies he has is probably not a secret and since he knows several of these people very well from being members of the same organisations, what says that not several other judges have the same “secret” partnership? I would bet a thousand pounds that there are several more judges in the same or worse collaboration with the entertainment industry. And why would they put down their good friend and colleague? For these puny reasons? Not going to happen.

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