Monday, April 20, 2009

Age have very little impact

Some youthful mugger wannabes is trying to cry a bit in one of Sweden’s biggest papers today. Claiming that youthfulness matter in regard to the coming EU election. The Swedish electoral system with political parties lists means, in reality, also regarding EU, that it’s the party that decides who is going to end up on the lists the voters can vote on (you vote for the entire package). This also means that those who ends up on the lists needs to be suck-ups, politically correct and for the most part they need to follow orders. If not, they will get stricken from the list next time or end up with some “scandal” that suddenly hits the papers. In other words age have very little impact other then maybe getting some younger votes. Sure there might be some difference in perspective and in the long run the younger candidates might change some minor detail, but that’s hardly even semantics.

And doesn’t it seem a bit convenient that this article suddenly pops up in the papers at the same time as the Pirates are growing in numbers with mainly young voters?

For me however the notion of a “right” party member writing an article and getting it published together with some communist, is very strange. During my time in politics that was hardly ever seen, at least not before the Berlin Wall came down. Apparently getting young people to vote for something else than the Pirate Party is more important then taking a stand against the anti-democrat forces. Good job by these young thugs though. They will probably make good little state cronies robbing people of their money and following orders.

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