Monday, April 20, 2009

The witch hunt is on

With well armed soldiers and an ominous looking Führer the Anti-pirate agency is now, supported by procecuting idiots, going to work hunting down innocent people. I’m just waiting for their variation of the floating test and that oh so funny suction device. CIA have some pointers in this regard if it is hard to get information or good education in Sweden. But I do not really get the smallish punishments. Shouldn’t there be more years? We can always let murderers like Quick and Flink out if there is hard to find rooms to hold everyone. And if there is little time for the police to help out they can always stop searching for rapists, those girls have themselves to blame anyways. And think of the possibilities of building new prisons and hiring more guards and officers! Maybe we can stop the unemployment from going up?

Actually this kind of brings back nostalgic memories for me. Growing up having fun things like KGB and STASI running around the world things like this makes one feel young again. People are helpless against these mercenaries but I hope someone stands up for their human rights and fight back. The killing of a youngster with the latest Brittney Spears album on the computer might be a law changing event.


  1. Having a wonderful Monday, and reading stuff like this from you just made it even better!

    Your avid fan,


  2. APB is the new Judge Dredd