Monday, April 20, 2009

The madness continues

Apparently the Swedish central bank is planning of lowering its interest rates. This just in case there are some savings left that need to be squandered before the depression hits us. No need for savings, only spend spend and spend. And with these low interest rates and more money in the system the prices on real-estate is going up, when they should be going down and this is a huge warning signal, which of course very few picks up on. Are these incompetent central bank zombies wilfully trying to destroy the economy or are they just stupid?

They should of course increase the rates with at least a couple of percent to keep spending and borrowing down and saving up. But this is probably an indirect way of helping the bank- and financial system going, which is also highly idiotic. If those “economists” that never should have got an education, doesn’t know how to do their jobs, that’s their problem. If some bank fails, let them. If some stupid investors and capitalists invest wrongly, that’s their problem. Let them go bankrupt.

There should be a minimum IQ-level equivalent to people’s shoe-size for working at a bank, but apparently that’s too much to ask. Aren’t there any people in this world that is actually thinking?

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