Monday, April 20, 2009

A racist hilarious Muslim smurf

The little Muslim smurf did as expected and made a fool of himself and his country. Sadly some democracies had decided to attend, which is asinine in itself. What did they think was going to happen? That the Ahmadinejad fellow and the other racists in the auditorium were going to play nice? The UN is a ridiculous very costly idiocy that should have been put to rest even before it got started. Nothing good has never and will never come out from anything with the UN name on it.

And UN’s pressecretary, Marie Heuzé, said she was upset. Over what? She knew this was coming; she and the other socialist a-holes let the little smurf speak. And the other Muslim idiots let him parade around when they should have shown the world that there is some intellect also within their ranks.

But we shouldn’t blame Muslim idiots, Jewish idiots or some Christian fools for this spectacle. It is the UN that really should be blamed. They did fully well know what was going to happen but as usual the complete madness of this insane institution lights up the world. When are people going to get it and end their membership?

But on the other hand this is what I call entertainment! I haft to admit I love that tiny little not-shaving goat fornicating Ahmadinejad. We have too few really nasty regimes in the world. Lots of potential ones and some half and half, but this warmonger is the beacon of comedy. While his regime is stoning women, executing people for no reason what so ever and throwing money to terrorist groups, he, the camel-fellating Islamo-nut denies the holocaust, built nukes and hate Jews with a fierily passion at the same time as he calls Israel a racist state. I mean come on, hard to top that at any comedy show.


  1. Ahmadinejad is stupid, ignorat, racist, murder, rapist, phedophile fool. He is shame for for the hole world.

  2. You mean ASSHOLE ?


  4. Can the Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous idiots do something else than the shouting game?

  5. The day the clown departs to hell will surely be a day of celebration. Lets hope he purchases tickets as soon as possible.


  6. 1: I´m Anonymousbecause I don´t have time or will to regsiter.
    Just a couple of comment:
    2. Ahmadinejad is a damn stupid smurf terrorist lover no mistaek about it..
    3.But when a smurf terror lover becomes the leader of weak and the truth and weak western leaders put their heads in the sand then we are in deep trouble.
    Beacuse make no mistake about it, Israel is a Apartheid country and has been violating Human rights for as long as it has existed.
    Hence let´s call everyone for what they are andforget the one sided hypocracy that has been going on for such a long time:
    1. Ahmadainejad and Mullas= right wing extremist bastards that support terror in and outside IR.
    2. Israel is a racist apartheid country with nukes where 1/3 or 1/4 vote for right wing Zionist extermist groups.
    Therefore running out and putting heads in the sand is not really helping the real case here..

  7. Oh, I’m no fan of Israel. There are lots of idiots in that country. “chosen people” my cute little rectum. And if they start throwing nukes at each other making most of those dessert areas even more unlivable I would only be sad over some old building I never had the time to visit. However, there is also a degree difference between Iran and Israel. And if I ever need to choice – during gunpoint – I would have to side with the Jewish as-holes.

    And calling Israel a racist state might hold some value to it, but then you cannot stop there, if that’s the case, all the other stupid countries around the world are racist to. It is not hard to find laws or governments that like one group over the other. But in the end “racist” is kind of a strong word, xenophobic might be closer or maybe anti-human as collective word to describe all state stupidities? There is no country in the world that believes in human rights. It is only different kinds and amount of socialism and madness.

  8. apocalypse nowish:

    Do you know what is meant when one uses the wordings "the choosen people" in relation to Israel? Any clue?

    Do you think you come through as an intellectual who has knowledge of the world, or an imbecile who doesn't know much than can be found at the bottom of bottle?

    / Johnny

  9. Well I thought it refers to the complete idiocy of believing you are Gods people on earth. But maybe you have some other explanation?

    And How I’m perceived I leave up to you idiots to decide. I have no desire to convince you or anyone else of anything. And I don’t even try to hide my contempt for most other people. So I would guess most people react as the idiots they are and regard me as the idiot. Me I’m thinking am a bit of all the mentioned. I have some imbecile traits, I am an intellectual that do posses greater knowledge than most. But I don’t really use it in any other way than to have fun, pick up women and find even more fun in the bottom of many many bottles. Because I realized something a long time ago. No matter if we are talking Jews, Muslims, Christians, men, women, young, old or whatever, almost all of them are idiots. And trying to make the world a better place is the stupid man’s game. I prefer to live my life in a fun way and regard the world revolving around like the fun fun little amusement park of brainless idiots it is. And just like the rest of you suckers I will only live once.