Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hacker’s - our best citizens

In the US The Homeland Security Department is seeking people who could "think like the bad guy." Apparently they are putting out ads looking for “hackers” to improve their ill equipped and easily penetrated computer defenses. This got me thinking about these “hackers” and how they ought to be the world’s nicest and most ethically correct group. I mean, think about it. If some or several of these guys could move all central bank money to an off-shore account, fire up some nuclear missiles, empty all information in the union’s computers or change websites to their will, why don’t they? I would and so would most of you, just admit it, well, maybe not the nuclear thing, but sure as hell, we would be stealing, snooping, changing and lurking and not just for the fun of it, no, for our own gain. I have no idea how many people around the world that is that superior with computers but I’m guessing at least 50-60. Sometimes newspapers and journalists tries to warn us about some new virus flying around the net but to my limited knowledge it seems like if some hacker really wanted to break into my computer and destroy everything, it would take seconds no matter what security I managed to conjure up, so I basically ignore those alarms.

My thinking is this; journalists and governments are just trying to use some elusive hacker as another way of scaring us to pay our taxes and listen to orders and/or the hackers are the morally high-ground of any society. Sure it happens that your computer get screwed up by some Trojan or whatever and sure it happens that some kid breaks into files at some agency, but when you really think about it, wouldn’t you do worse? As said, I know I would.

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